A security tool for small businesses

Build a robust security program while tracking compliance along the way.


Track Compliance

Easily track compliance in securityprogram.io for NIST 800-53, NIST CSF and more. Our compliance dashboard allows you to see where you stand against different standards and regulations. 

Meet Industry Standards

Are potential customers requiring that you comply with different standards before they'll do business with you? We've helped many of our clients win business by enabling them to successfully implement security programs.

Secure Data

You can have an AI based security detection system, however if you don't have strong passwords, it doesn't matter. With securityprogram.io, you can make sure you're doing the right things to protect your data.

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Implement security policies and protocols with our:

  • Pre-populated security policies
  • Automated User Audit
  • Risk Register Tool
  • Vendor Tracker

Why securityprogram.io?

As a startup or SMB, do you struggle with determining how to get started improving security in your organization? Do you need to pass a security audit to win new business?

With securityprogram.io, you can affordably build a security program without hiring expensive cybersecurity experts. securityprogram.io combines the governance aspects, such as policies and training, with the technical aspects, like network scanning and user audits, to guide you in building a robust, standards-aligned security program. 

 What People Are Saying 

Great product!

“Securityprogram.io has helped us to prepare for complex security review processes. We have a security team at our disposal for less than the cost of  full-time security professional.” 
Tom Plagge, Co-Founder and CTO, Brighthive

Highly Recommend!

"Securityprogram.io makes it easy to track security policies, protocols, and employee security training all in one place." 

Kaitlyn Dotson, Vice President, CalcuQuote

Built for startups to medium-sized tech companies.

Stay organized and make progress on your cybersecurity goals with securityprogram.io