About Us

The Jemurai Team

We started building securityprogram.io when a UX advisor asked us "Who are you heroes to?"  Our answer was the small tech companies that close investment rounds or large sales based on having a legitimate security program.  They come to us with excitement and energy and we feel as though we are enabling them to take on bigger and better things!

Our Mission

To make excellent security accessible to smaller organizations, and help them build legitimate security programs so they can win deals with Government and Fortune 1000 customers.

Our Values

  • Technical
  • Pragmatic
  • Fun
  • Open
  • People Focused

Meet the Team

Matt Konda

Founder, CEO

Brian Fore

Senior Security Developer, Consultant

Joe Kerby

Chief Technology Officer

Keely Sexton


Malcolm Newsome

Developer, Pentester

Alan Goldman

VP Services

Tyler Shelton

VP Sales

Adenike Oginni

Security Consultant

Next Up You?

Security Consultant

Deliver security your clients can trust

Excellent security for small companies to build a standards and audit ready cybersecurity program.
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