Free and Easy Attack Surface Evaluation

One thing we do when we help companies build their security programs is to think about what their external attack surface looks like.  An external attack surface is like the outside of your house.  Do you know about all of the doors and windows and are they closed at night?  Or did one of your kids leave the back door wide open?  Things we look at include:

  • Domains (Both managed by you and lookalikes registered by others)
  • Email DNS Setup
  • Network presence including open ports, SSL/TLS and vulnerable services
  • Enumerable or guessable storage like S3 Buckets

Managing your attack surface is just one part of running an effective security program, but it is a useful one that doesn't require any special access (we're just looking at the outside of your house which we can already see anyway) and can be a good way for you to get to know us as well.  Think of it as an easy way to get a bit of free valuable consulting while meeting our team and talking security.  We'll do it live on a Zoom with you and talk about the results and share the tools we use.

If you are interested in securing your company, sign up (below) to get your free attack surface evaluation.