Security Culture: Vulnerable Dependencies
In the latest video of our Security Culture series, we talk about software dependencies. You can also listen in on our podcast. THE BASIC PROBLEM When we build software, we use lots of libraries that we didn’t write. They could be open source, they could be commercial, the...
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How to Stay Secure While Working Remotely
In light of Coronavirus / Covid-19 and in particular, the key CDC recommendation that we implement social distancing (work from home), we wanted to try to write a helpful post about how to stay secure as a remote employee. Jemurai has always been remote-friendly, with e...
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What is CMMC? How will it impact my organization?
Over the past two months, we've been hearing a lot of buzz about CMMC, both with active customers and security partners. In this post, we will talk about our initial high-level reaction to the significant new standard. WHAT IS CMMC The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a n...
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Why Securityprogram.io?
Lately, we've been asked, "Why securityprogram.io?". Below lays out some of the thought process around why we decided to build securityprogram.io.  THE USE CASE We often run into smaller companies, many of them tech startups that we meet through our developer networks, that want to do a better ...
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Securityprogram.io May 2019 Update
In late March we announced our new offering securityprogram.io. In this post we want to provide an update around what we've been working on through May and how it works. The basic idea is captured in this quote: "A dedicated employee with no security background can run a real security program w...
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