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At Jemurai, the company behind securityprogram.io, we have a track record of technical security excellence but also of bridging disciplines and growing people to be well rounded security professionals.  No one on our team started out as a security expert!!!

All positions are remote first, offer competitive benefits and a chance to be part of something original. We believe in the journey and we want each and every day to be fun and rewarding - while securing as many small companies as we can.

At securityprogram.io we have a few current openings.

  • Security Consultant (Help build security programs!)
  • Senior Security Consultant
  • Security Engineer (Developer, Penetration Tester)

Feel free to fill out the form to the right or email us directly with a resume and what you are interested in.

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Deliver security your clients can trust

Excellent security for small companies to build a standards and audit ready cybersecurity program.
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