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Free Starter

The free tier is a no-risk way to try out You'll receive a starter set of policies, enough to begin setting up your security program.

And you'll receive limited access to our training resources, including guidance surrounding the policies you've received and a sample of our general security awareness training.



The startup tier is focused on providing policies, technical recommendations and supporting materials to implement these policies, security training, and vulnerability scanning. The goal here is to build the basis of an excellent security program over a period of time.

Throughout the course of the program we anticipate spending about an hour each month with our team focused specifically on your firm. This is in addition to the tools and content you receive through the platform itself.

Given that security professionals can charge upwards of $300 per hour, this plan pays for itself every month based on the interaction time alone. But more importantly, you'll have a full set of security policies, your employees will be well versed in security best practices, and our scans will have alerted you to potential security vulnerabilities in your systems.

All of this, for a total cost of about $3,600/year. Quite a value, considering that a 1/4 FTE might charge $50K for the same set of services!


While the startup tier gives you everything you need to start building your security program, some of your partners may want a letter that indicates your program has been evaluated and validated by a third party.

Or you may need a deeper collaboration with security experts to help navigate more detailed scenarios with prospects and partners.

This tier provides increased access to our team, typically around 4 hours per month. We'll validate your policies and supporting materials, and include our evaluation in your letter of attestation. We'll run more intensive scans of your systems, filter the results, and help you address any findings. We'll help you address the security questions or concerns that your clients or partners may have for you.

To hire an FTE to do this work would cost a minimum of $100K. To hire a fractional resource could cost anywhere between $50K and $200K. Our solution comes in at just under $25K.

On Demand

Sometimes companies really need a penetration test, code review or other service that we provide but that is not part of the automated platform.

If you are a paying subscriber of the program, you will receive discounted rates on the services available via the On Demand list. The reports will be delivered through

On demand
Matt Konda

What I've seen in the industry is that firms have trouble hiring security resources that have both broad technical experience and a willingness to build and manage a program - which is like a big project oriented to standards.

Given the hourly rates for security professionals, the cost to have one or more fractional resources performing the tasks we're doing in would run a typical company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

I'm excited to offer a tool that brings our best practices together while making these critical activities more accessible and affordable.

Matt Konda - CEO of Jemurai

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