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Jemurai offers a host of technical security services.

Penetration Testing

Our team are all developers first and pride ourselves on expert understanding of application, cloud and tech in general and how to use that to break systems.

  • Leverage automated tools for recon and fuzzing
  • Manually analyze the detail including business flows, integrations and access controls
  • Follow industry standards including OWASP
  • Routinely find critical issues such as SSRF, SQLi, XSS, Privilege Escalation, Auth Bypass, etc.
  • Deliver a comprehensive report, attestation and readout

Technical Security Services

Our security experts are leaders, managers, and developers that can support your team to deliver a secure application.

  • Architecture development and review
  • Develop baseline security requirements
  • Build security logging into your application
  • Security automation (add security into your CI/CD pipeline)
  • Cloud security service integration (e.g. SIEM, IDS, WAF, etc.)
  • Single Sign On implementation
  • Implement security code reviews
  • Automate inventory and dependency checks
  • Static Analysis (SAST) and Dynamic Scanning (DAST)
  • Help answer your customers’ security questionnaires
  • Honeypot development

Build an Application Security Program

We guide your development team to be security focused and build it right into your SDLC.
  • Program level oversight
  • From DevOps through delivery
  • The technical expertise to make the right tradeoffs
  • Delivering securely through the Cloud
  • Documenting a security roadmap and budget
  • Align your stakeholders


Want to have a big impact across your organization? Educate your employees on cybersecurity and implement a well thought out training plan. Live training and hour-long lunch and learn sessions are popular delivery options.
  • General security awareness
  • Security policies, privacy, and data handling
  • Phishing and Ransomware
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Modeling and Risk Management
  • Developer Training
    • Cloud Architecture
    • Using cloud security services (WAF, IDS, and SIEM)
    • Java, Clojure, PHP, .Net, Ruby, and JavaScript
    • OWASP Top 10

Deliver security your clients can trust

Excellent security for small companies to build a standards and audit ready cybersecurity program.
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