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The Signup Process

The first step in signing up for is to register through the Sign Up button below.  When you click that, it will open a new page and take you to an Auth0 based registration page.  

We integrate with Auth0 to make it easy for you to sign up with GSuite, O365 or by creating a unique user for our system.  We strongly recommend using single sign on with your company email and GSuite or O365 if you can.  

Once your user is created, you will be logged into the system and you will start setting up your organization and account.

Now that you are identified, the next step in signing up is to go through our wizard to set up your organization and choose a tier. 

In step 1, you will want to give your organization a name (which gets used in policies, etc.).  We recommend leaving Autoenroll "On", which ensures that everyone with emails from your domain gets connected to your organization.  You can edit the policy approver and notification settings any time in the future.

In step 2, you will choose a tier and then click "Enter Payment Method".  We use Stripe for payments so we never see or store your credit card information ourselves.

In step 3, you review your choice and confirm to complete payment and setup.

If you have any questions about which tier you should be on, or if you run into any problems in this process please email us at 


Now that you are set up, you can expect a welcome email with details on getting started and when you log in you will see product tours.

If you signed up for the Assisted tier, your account lead will reach out to you shortly. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in the chat or via email at

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